Facelift and Necklift

With age, the face changes imperceptibly. The facial skin tends to lose its former elasticity, subcutaneous tissue and musculature and can sag downwards. When the face and skin increasingly lose their elasticity, this can create undesired effects. Today, modern aesthetic and plastic surgery can use a variety of methods to successfully treat the traces of age. When minimally invasive procedures no longer work, it is time to think about a face and neck lift.

Do you want to look the same as you feel? More alert, more dynamic and a bit younger than your reflection perhaps reveals? Then a facelift can be the right choice for you. Skin aging can be treated in a harmonious way so that you look fresh and feel relaxed.

Common questions

  • What treatment options are there for a facelift?
  • Which facelift techniques are possible?
  • How does a facelift work?
  • Have all wrinkles disappeared after a facelift?
  • Which facelift technique is right for me?
  • Are there any noticeable scars to be expected after a facelift?
  • What does a facelift operation cost?

Treatment options

A facelift restores clear, dynamic facial features and thus ensures a younger and fresher look. Thanks to the most modern facelift techniques, facial expressions and personal expression are preserved. Well done, no visible signs reveal a face lift surgery.

In a detailed discussion, Dr. Winterholer will work with you to determine which treatements make sense to achieve the desired, naturally harmonious result. The overall concept of a facelift can also include, for example, an eyelid lift, eyebrow lifting or wrinkle treatment.

The following techniques are recommended:

  • SMAS lifting especially high SMAS lifting
  • Superextended facelift
  • Deep plane facelift
  • Neck lift
  • Mini lifting

Additional interventions:

  • Forehead and brow lift
  • Cheek corrections
  • Chin correction
  • Lip correction
  • Volume facelift and additional volume injections with autologous fat and fillers.

Treatment process

As part of an extensive consultation and discussion of all treatment processes, we jointly determine the treatment concept. This ensures the very best treatment results.
Before each operation, Dr. Winterholer goes through the essential details with you in an OP planning meeting. Consultations by our surgical and anesthesia team in advance ensure your safety.

After the treatment, you will be personally looked after by our experienced surgical team. We will provide you with the informations that are important for your follow-up treatment and will coordinate all further follow-up or treatment appointments with you directly.

Have all wrinkles disappeared after the facelift?

The superficial wrinkles are generally not smoothed by a face lift, as the face lift is carried out in the deeper layers of the skin. It can thus both lift the deep, sunken layers and restore the natural tension on the neck. A facelift cannot restore the volume naturally lost in the aging process.

A facelift alone can never eliminate all signs of aging in one operation. Instead, it is part of a comprehensive treatment that is supplemented by other measures such as peeling, laser treatment, upper / lower eyelid lift, temple lift and volume injections (e.g. with autologous fat or fillers).

Which facelift technique is right for me

There are very big differences in the surgical methods used in a facelift. Lifting methods that are too radical can leave a mask-like facial expression, which is why Dr. Winterholer relies on a combination of techniques that are put together individually for the patient. As part of the consultation, we will work out whether you need a small lift, a medium lift or a full facelift. With individually selected methods one can achieve numerous desired rejuvenation effects without the face looking unnatural.

Are conspicuous scars to be expected after a facelift?

A facelift is ideally carried out with inconspicuous cuts along the hairlines in the area of the temples and the hairline behind the ear as well as in the natural folds directly in front of and behind the ear. The scars are sutured without tension in order to avoid an unnatural tightening effect and to achieve delicate, inconspicuous scars.

What does a facelift operation cost?

The costs are calculated according to the effort required for your personal facelift and the various methods that are combined during a facelift. These are not necessarily the most complex operations. Even the smallest of measures are often successful in fulfilling your wishes.

Further questions about the facelift?

If you have any questions about the facelift or neck lift, please arrange a personal consultation in my practice in Cham. You can either reach me by phone or email. I look forward to meeting you!

Brief information

Operating time:Depending on the operating technique, 3 – 6 hours
Anesthesia:Twilight sleep and general anesthesia
Clinic stay:Inpatient
Dressing:10 days
Socially acceptable:Minifacelift 14 days, more extensive interventions approx. 3 weeks
Downtime:1 – 2 weeks
Diagnostics before the operation:EKG, laboratory values with coagulation
Sport:After 6 – 8 weeks at the earliest