Eyelid blepharoplasty

Eyelid blepharoplasty

The upper eyelid lift is a very common procedure that can be performed with low surgical risks, has a rather quick recovery time and promises excellent results. On the one hand, an upper eyelid lift can remove excess skin due to age on the upper eyelid edge, which immediately makes the patient look more alert and fresher. On the other hand, fat tissue accumulations in the upper eyelids can also be reduced. The puffy and exhausted impression is eliminated. The correction of a sagging or bulging lower eyelid look requires more complex blepharoplasty techniques, which are performed by an “inside” or “outside” approach.

The goal will be to obtain a refreshed, natural-looking appearance that is consistent with your appearance at a younger age.


  • What happens during an upper eyelid lift?
  • What should be expected after the upper eyelid lift?
  • Further questions about the upper eyelid lift?
  • What do you have to consider before and after the operation?

What happens during an upper eyelid lift?

In a personal consultation in my practice in Cham, we analyze your eyelids and wishes. Each blepharoplasty procedure needs to be personalized to the patient’s unique needs and goals. A variety of techniques will be used, including skin removal, restoring lid levator function, fat repositioning, or restoring volume with fat. An upper blepharoplasty is commonly performed as a 1-day procedure under local anesthesia or slight sedation.

Before the upper eyelid is tightened, the excess skin is precisely marked on the eyelids and removed. The excess fatty tissue can also be carefully reduced. After 5–7 days, the light plaster bandage and the sutures will be removed. Smaller bruising and swelling will gradually subside within the first days and weeks. Make-up can be applied after just 1 day.

What should be expected after the upper eyelid lift?

If the head is consistently elevated and the surgical area is cooled on the day of the operation, the pain will almost completely disappear after just 1–2 days. Mild pain relievers can be taken for the first few days. Swelling and bruising can persist for 1–2 weeks. Exercise should not be restarted until the swelling has completely subsided. A local massage can speed up the healing.

Further questions about the upper eyelid lift?

We are happy to provide you with further information about your different options for eyelid surgery and answer your questions during your personal consultation in my office in Cham. If you wish to have additional information or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact my office by phone or email. We will be happy to assist you!

Brief information

Duration:20 – 30 minutes
Clinic stay:Outpatient
Downtime:1 – 2 weeks
Suture removal:5 days
Sociable:4 – 7 days