Butt Lift

Butt Lift

Many people strive for a timeless, well-shaped body. With increasing age, however, the skin sags not only on the face but also on the rest of the body. Loose and excess skin, especially on the buttock, cannot be reduced by diet or exercise. Women with weak connective tissue or people who have lost a lot of weight are particularly affected.

In these cases, surgical removal of the excess tissue is often the only possible correction. If, in addition to the excess skin, there are also fat deposits, a combination with liposuction and lipofilling is possible for an optimal aesthetic result. The operations improve the contour and harmony of the body. However, they cannot replace weight loss if you are overweight.

Common questions

  • When is the optimal time for a butt lift?
  • How does the butt lift work?
  • What can be expected after the operation?
  • More questions about butt lift?
  • What do you have to consider before and after the operation?

When is the optimal time for a butt lift?

We achieve the aesthetically best and most long-lasting result when the patient has reached their desired weight at the time of the operation. Elderly patients who are bothered by the formation of wrinkles or patients with any age, who want to improve the buttocks contour. Further more a butt lift is part of a total body lift in combination with an abdominoplasty.

How does the butt lift work?

First of all, you will be thoroughly examined in a detailed personal consultation, allowing us to provide you with all information pertaining to surgery and postoperative expectations associated with your individualized body contouring surgery plan.
In your personal treatment plan, we determine whether liposuction, skin tightening, lipofilling or a combination of the procedures is recommended In the case of a buttock lift with skin removal, the scar runs above the gluteal fold to the flank. A buttock lift should therefore only be done, if the scar is not bothering. Liposuction and lipofilling, on the other hand, only cause tiny scars. At the end of the operation, specially measured compression clothing is put on. In this way, wound healing and scarring can be optimized. 

What can be expected after the operation?

Depending on the extent of the correction, treatment can be carried out on an outpatient or inpatient basis. Most of the time, there is only minor pain that can be treated well with mild pain relievers. The compression clothing is worn day and night for 6 weeks. In the first 2–3 weeks, no exercise should be done in order not to endanger optimal wound healing and scarring. The sutures are pulled after 2–3 weeks. The wounds are usually completely healed by this point. Special post-treatment scar creams can be used as needed. After 6 months, the scars will have faded and are often almost invisible.

More questions about butt lift?

If you have any further questions, please arrange a personal consultation in my office in Cham. You can reach us by either phone or email. We look forward to meeting you!


Operating time:1 – 2 hours
Stay:1–2 nights inpatient, in some cases ambulant
Suture removal:14 – 20 days
Sociable:2 – 3 days
Recovery time:1–2 weeks
for heavy physical activity 4–6 weeks
No sports:6 weeks