Botox treatement

Botox treatement

Botox is a neuromodulator. That means it inhibits and weakens the signal transduction between nerves and muscles. As a consequence, the muscle will not be able to contract and will be weakened. Facial wrinkles caused by the facial mimic muscles, like forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and neckbands, can therefore be successfully treated with botulinum toxin injections.

Individual botox treatment

The aesthetic Botox treatment is tailored to your individual needs. The aim is always to reduce the muscle activity with botulinum toxin in order to achieve a softer and more rejuvenated appearance with a natural expression in a subtle and natural way The effect starts after about 5 days and lasts about half a year.

Botox for muscle spasms, migraines and hyperhidrosis

Botulinum toxin is used for medical problems, such as to treat uncontrolled muscle contractions, migraines and excessive sweating.

Common questions

  • How is wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin carried out?
  • What should be expected after the wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin?
  • Can I stop using botulinum treatment once I have started?
  • Further questions about treatment with Botox?

How is wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin carried out?

In a personal consultation in my practice in Cham, we analyze the annoying facial wrinkles and determine the desired result. The cost of the treatment can vary depending on the desired degree of muscle weakness and the number of regions to be treated. The wrinkle treatment itself can also be carried out in the practice after a brief preliminary treatment with an analgesic gel, if desired. Since the botulinum toxin is injected directly into the skin with extremely thin cannulas, this is very painless.

What should be expected after the wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin?

Immediately after the botulinum toxin injection, there is only minimal swelling in the area of the injection sites. Very rarely, small bruises can form. The swelling will usually go away completely after a day. In the first 2–3 days after the treatment, there is usually no noticeable change in the facial wrinkles. This occurs slowly after 2–3 days and reaches its full strength after a week at the latest. If the effect is not yet strong enough, these areas can be treated again. In particular, if complete paralysis of the muscles is not desired, one should approach the necessary dosage for the desired degree of weakness more carefully (“baby Botox”).

Physical exertion should be avoided on the day of treatment. You can apply make-up after a few hours.

The duration of the effects of botulinum toxin varies widely, as some patients break down the toxin more quickly than others. Therefore, the duration of action varies between 3 and 9 months.

Can you stop botulinum treatment once you have started?

Since the effect of botulinum toxin increases steadily within a week and does not occur suddenly, the environment gets used to the slowly occurring change. Likewise, when the Botox effect diminishes, facial expressions only increase slowly, so there is no compelling reason to immediately have a treatment carried out again. However, many patients benefit from the Botox’s effect to such an extent that they are happy to come for treatment every 3–9 months.

More questions about treatment with Botox?

You can always schedule a personal consultation in my practice in Cham if you have any further questions about Botox and minimally invasive treatments.